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Lessandra San Jose Del Monte is a residential community that offers a long list of amenities and features such that the residents can lead a carefree and comfortable lifestyle. There are hotel-like provisions offered well within the community allow the occupants to enjoy even without stepping out of their home. 

In a world like today, when the crime rate is incrementing each day, Lessandra San Jose Del Monte offers a secure and safe environment for the residents. The entrance and exit point of the property is well guarded by security professionals. The security guards protect the community and pay close attention to all the incoming and outgoing individuals and vehicles. The perimeter of the community is concretely built which further enhances the protection of the residence.

There are a number of parks and playgrounds incorporated within Lessandra San Jose Del Monte. The parents love these places as their kids can play and spend quality time with their friend while still remaining well within the community. This allows them to constantly keep an eye on their kids. 

Lessandra San Jose Del Monte accommodates a huge-sized clubhouse where the residents can get indulged into various recreational activities on a regular basis. The residents can gather in the clubhouse as well as hold meetings such that peaceful meetings can be executed.

Lessandra San Jose Del Monte also features function rooms where the residents can host parties, events, and functions as per their desire and convenience. These function halls can accommodate a decent number of guests and allows the residents to host lavish events without any hassles. This provision saves the residents from the hassles of roaming about in the city just to find an ideal location to host an event. Hosting an event right at your residence is no less than a blessing.

There is a basketball court accommodated in Lessandra San Jose Del Monte such that the kids, youth and the teens can learn this interesting game while residing at their own residence. Playing and practicing the sport helps the youth and kids to remain active, energetic as well as far away from their handheld gadgets.

A large swimming pool is also accommodated in Lessandra San Jose Del Monte for the convenience of the residents. The occupants of the property can anytime take a dip in the pool without even stepping out of their residing community. This leads to a resort-like experience even without visiting one. The builders of the community maintain a maintenance team that takes proper care of the functioning of all the various offerings.

All in all, Lessandra San Jose Del Monte is a lavish residing community that offers not just comfortable homes but also a long list of features and amenities such that a comfortable lifestyle can be led.

  • Entrance Gate
  • Park and Playground
  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball Court
  • 24 hour security
  • Swimming Pool
  • Function Rooms
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